Easter Crafts and Activities

Easter is normally a time of joy, but it feels strange this year in light of the current isolation and lockdown requirements. How can you enjoy Easter when you can’t share it with others? Below I have collected some activities that you can still do at home and enjoy easter.

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  • You don’t have to go outside for an easter egg hunt, you could just hide them inside. Here is a great suggestion for using glow-in-the-dark eggs for a lights off adventure!
  • If you have limited space and a mix of ages, you can colour code your baskets and eggs so that each child is looking for a separate colour. This prevents older kids from nabbing all the eggs quickly while the younger child misses out! You can also hide a couple of super special eggs to give the game a bit more challenge factor.
  • Instead of hunting for chocolate, you could use plastic eggs to hide clues or letters for a message. This family hid a message about a special trip inside their eggs, while these guys had a scavenger hunt!
  • I always find after the initial hunt my kids want us to hide the eggs again and again, but if you want to try a different post-hunt activity you could play this wobbly egg ramp game
  • Have some fun with these Easter egg stampers

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